Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Online Degrees Accounting- Things to consider while preparing a service agreement in an accounting outsourcing process

Online Degrees Accounting

Once you have selected an appropriate choice of an accounting outsourcing service provider for your accounting, then the next step would be to the working draft and set points are particularly important:
A service contract should include the following:

Define scope of work
Clearly define the scope and timing for your project. This may seem obvious, but any successful outsourcing engagement begins with a clear statement of what you hope to achieve, too. Define your project requirements from the beginning. Enter provider as much information as possible about this, what you have delivered, and how you need work done.

Define the quality
The level of quality service provider must be clearly defined. The parameters used to define and measure the level of service depends on the process. For transaction processing, it should be measured on accuracy and processing speed. For example, in the processing of debts, a popular metric% is the accuracy of invoices processed correctly. Rotation time is another popular measure. Ensure regular monitoring and reporting errors with the regular reporting on the quality

Specification Process
There are basically two ways: The offshore staff would the process by which access to remotely hosted accounts software run on your server with remote access software or work on backup copies of the accounting file. A third popular medium and the increase are to use a Web version of accounting software. A clear definition of processes and document flow in the agreement is of importance that the processing speed and other performance parameters depending on the method used for processing vary. Background documents can be sent by fax or uploaded to the server service, or they can be accessed remotely service personnel. This method is the slowest in terms of treatment.

There are several factors to consider when negotiating the contract price. The type of pricing schedule, fixed costs or transaction. Pricing schedule works well if you have small projects that need to be completed and when required.
Fixed fee work well if you regular monthly accounting rules. The model most commonly used the fixed fee FTE (Full Time Employee) model to work for the service provider a fee for each full-time employee on client projects. Transaction prices are more difficult to make a provider of services that the risk of failure will be directly involved in the price. However, this price is not appropriate if the volume of transactions is not high, or if a "deal" clearly going to be defined as the complete end of the year. The most commonly used approach is a fixed-price contract.
Also significantly the scope of work covered by a specific interest rate. Confirmation by the service providers any additional costs that are applicable outside of the treatment or service may be.

Payment terms
You must pay your provider to see how your employees or other suppliers. Do not accept applications for payment before completion.

Contract period
Normally it is an annual contract, which is automatically renewed unless otherwise notified by a service provider or customer. You can negotiate easier terms in the first months, when the process over again.

Establish procedures for dismissal
Any termination of services by one party must be stopped, as a rule, by written notice thirty (30) days in another part of their intension to. Insist that your provider agrees to transfer all the files back to you and give reasonable assistance to a new provider. You can also be repayable less (received 15 days) in the pilot phase of the contract (usually first and foremost a "two months).

Data Security
Make sure that the data is absolutely safe with the service. Always sign a confidentiality agreement with the service, which is punishable under the law if broken.

Flexibility in the contract
To change how your business needs must, you should change the scope of the contract. Create a process to solve these problems as they arise. While the payer no fees for every little change in the recognition that variations cost money and you have to pay for such changes when they occur.

Follow up
Always do meeting for follow up the work so it always follow the schedulle and be carefull what the decision is.

Online Degrees Accounting

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